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Greater Canada Apparel is committed to local.

We surveyed the Canada landscape to find the best in locally-sourced goods and printing. From the Atlantic to the Pacific and from prairies to peaks, we provide your business with high-quality custom apparel that builds your brand value and supports the local economy.

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Survey the Landscape

Are you looking for high-quality, locally-produced clothing or accessories for your business? Let us guide you through our four-step branded apparel process. 

We’ve got your back when it comes to finding gear that you and your audience can feel good in.  

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Locally Rooted

At Greater Canada Apparel, we believe in the benefit of buying local. These are just some of the reasons why.

Strengthens Local Economies

70% of every dollar spent goes back into the local economy. By buying local, you not only support local producers, but each of our partners also spends locally, strengthening the Canadian economy.

Employs locally

We work with Canadian apparel producers, local screen printers, embroiderers and leather workers that employ local people, pay fair wages and work to minimize their environmental impact.

Reduces Emissions

Buying locally means the distance your clothes travel to get to you is a lot shorter. No overseas shipping means reduced emissions and a cleaner, healthier future for our planet.

Builds Brand Value

Locally sourced apparel with your brand on it is something you and your audience can feel good about wearing. It also builds your brand’s value by showing that you support other local businesses.

In the Wild

We produce high-quality custom apparel for great brands like yours every day. Here are a few examples of items we were proud to release into the Canada wild.

  • Camp Fyrefly Fundraiser

    A fundraiser for a worthy cause, these shirts were a collaborative effort between the Beltliner, Native Tongues, Proof, Vine Arts and Greater Canadian Apparel in Calgary. 100% of the proceeds went to Camp Fyrefly, the only National leadership retreat for LGBT youth.

  • Eighty-Eight Brewing

    Greater Canada Apparel worked with Eighty-Eight Brewing to create a unique apparel line in the brewing industry. With custom pockets for a contrast effect, a peek-a-boo print effect, and pantone matching on the ink, these shirts reflect the brand and feel of Eighty-Eight Brewing.